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The Lower Bartlett Water Precinct currently provides potable water service to residential, commercial, and institutional customers within both the LBWP precinct limits and associated Franchise Area. A brief description of the overall water system Improvements as outlined in the Master Plan is as follows:

 Current LBWP System


1,301 customer services, including;

     445 customers in the Precinct

    856 customers in the Franchise Area

 Two gravel-packed wells with a combined maximum capacity of 2.16 million gallons per day.
 Three above ground storage tanks with a combined capacity of 1.25 million gallons.
 31 miles of water main ranging in size from 2" to 12" diameter
 236 fire hydrants
 Eight pump station buildings which house pressure boosting pumps or small storage tanks.





Lower Bartlett Water Precinct
 Bartlett Village
Water System Interconnection
Feasibility and Route 302 Expansion 
Known issues with water quality/quantity for existing systems in interconnection area
Potential benefits to both existing BV and LBWP systems
Recent interest from multiple parties public and private
Potential Interconnection:

High quality, reliable water supply for connecting services

Fire flows for sprinkler systems, new hydrants along project route

Option to connect as a master connection, maintaining existing water distribution system ownership/operation

Master connection could feature single point billing through master meter, or individual metering/billing may be possible


Additional Benefits:

Lower Bartlett Water Precinct


                                   Allow connection of additional customers within existing Franchise Area to spread cost

                                  Additional connections would allow better utilization of existing infrastructure

                                   Consistent with mission of LBWP to provide reliable, quality drinking water to customers


Bartlett Village Water Precinct

Would provide backup water source, reducing need to rely on single source

Potential to allow new connections and expand service area

In addition to source redundancy, goal would also be increased fire flows in village


Potential Next Steps


Letters of interest from parties wishing to seek connection


Refinement of cost estimate for interconnection and estimation of cost impacts for interested parties


Initial funding inquiries with USDA, NHDES, and other potential funding sources
Preliminary Engineering Report Underway







Benefits: Individual Customers