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   Leaks by Year

2012 ---- 19

2013 --- 15

2014 ---- 19



2015---- 18

    2016---- 11   

2017---- 8    

2018---- 5   

2019---- 9   








Water Loss from leakage is both wastefull and costly. The Lower Bartlett Water Precinct has experienced water loss due to leakage in distribution system components and from individual customer service lines. With the past aquisition of numerous Community Water Systems by the Lower Bartlett Water Precinct that were constructed to minimal standards not consistant with the materials and quality required by Municipal Water Systems our water loss has been higher than most municipal systems. Individual customer service lines from the curb valve to within the building are owned and are the responsibility of the property owner. This is inclusive of leak repairs and replacement of the sevice line if the material does not meet LBWP standards. Unfortunately most of the service lines installed in past do not meet LBWP or industry (AWWA) standards.

The following is a summary of leak detection performed on approximately 7.5 miles of the Lower

Bartlett Water Precinct’s water distribution system in 2012.

This survey was performed for the State of New Hampshire, Department of Environmental Services,

Drinking Water and Groundwater Bureau

During the course of this survey 3 leaks were found at the following locations.

Leak Locations;

102 Route 16A, Service leaking Box to Cellar 3-5 gpm

Fox Run Road, Service Leaking 2-4 gpm

Route 302, 650’ South of the hydrant at Fox Run Road , Main Leaking 15-25 gpm

Three leak locations were identified with an approximate loss of between 20 and 34 gallons per




From 2012 to date the Lower Bartlett Water Precinct has detected and repaired 91 leaks within the Precincts distribution network. Major leaks were repaired on East Branch Road, Rte 16/302 ,and Linderhof.

Water loss has plagued the Precinct for numerous years increasing costs for water production, treatment, and decreasing life expectancy of equipment. 

Unaccountable water peaked in 2012 at over 60%, however with a focused effort the last several years loss has averaged less than 7%. Significant reductions in Non Revenue Water has been realized as a direct result of the Water Main Replacement Project in Linderhof and Christmas Mountain. Our 2017 year end result was less than 7%.  This continues to reduce our power consumption in several pumping stations and reduces our water treatment costs for chlorination and corrosion control (pH adjustment).   

The effort must be continued to provide cost effective service to our customers.