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  The Lower Bartlett Water Precinct is able to process Credit card transactions.  Use the link for Online Payments.  





Lower Bartlett Water Precinct provides water service to properties within the Precinct boundaries and to properties within its PUC-approved Franchise Area. The charges for water service include a minimum charge (Base Charge) and a metered water usage charge.  The Precinct has three billing periods (April, August and December). The Base Charge and Water Usage will be the only charges in the second billing period. Users will be allowed 10,000 gallons in each billing period at the base charge. Usage over the 10,000 gal. will be an additional charge at the rate of $3.00 per thousand gallons. Further, properties within the Precinct are assessed a tax, which is included on the Town of Bartlett Real Estate Tax bill. Properties in the Franchise Area are not taxed but pay an equivalent charge (Semi-Annual Charge), which is included on the water bill. Tax rates are set by the New Hampshire Department of Revenue Administration based on the Annual Budget voted by the Precinct at its annual meeting. For example the 2018 tax rate is $2.41per $1,000 of assessed valuation. Set forth below is a breakdown of the of Precinct’s water usage charges.


(Meter Size)


(Per Year)


(Per 1,000 Gal)


Water Rate

Base Charge



5/8 Meter






3/4 Meter






1.0 Meter






1.5 Meter






2.0 Meter






CAPACITY FEES:  In addition to the above charges, a Capacity Fee is charged for new connections. Payment of this fee provides water availability. These fees offset major capital improvement costs associated with water supply, including principal and interest on debt. Within the Precinct Boundaries and Franchise Areas, Capacity Fees are assessed for new construction of a dwelling or commercial facility.  The Capacity Fees must be paid in full to have the water turned on.


Other Charges and Services


Building Permits (Precinct Only):


Labor Service (1 HR Minimum)               Excludes Materials Used



Construction - Cost of $1,000 - $30,000.



Construction - Cost Greater than $30,000.


Emergency Labor Service (1 HR Minimum) Excludes Materials Used



Permit to Cut Wood or Timber



Request for a Variance                              Reimburse to the LBWP for Certified Letters & Newspaper Advertisement Fees.

$ Vary

Seasonal Water Turn On/Off



Backflow Testing (Per Device)



Disconnect for Non Payment



Renewal of Permit


Reconnect After Non Payment



Bulk Water Purchase (Per 1,000 Gallons)


Sprinkler Charge (Per Inch of Riser)





Final Read





Returned Check Charge